5 Amazing Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon in 2020: Guaranteed!

Here, you will find the best methods through which you can get free goods from Amazon. They’re easy and fast, so stay tuned!

The reasons behind getting free products from Amazon

You might be wondering as to why any seller would want to give out free products to people, well there are completely understandable reasons for that: 
Increase sales
If you’re being offered and ready to buy a product, free or paid, you are a potential future customer. This is one of the techniques how sellers meet their audience. 
For good reviews
With free products comes a happy feeling. People tend to respond better to free samples and give sellers good reviews that in turn helps garnering more attention to their brand. 
Reset inventory
Sometimes, sellers have too many products in their inventory. This results in higher storage costs for them. So they may want to give these overstock products as free samples to their customers or anyone in general.

How to actually get free stuff from Amazon?

Now, it’s time to understand how you can get free products from Amazon. You will be surprised how easy it is to get free or heavily discounted products after reading this article. 

Free products at Review4Life.com

The perfect way to get your hands on free Amazon products is by reviewing them. Review4Life.com is one of those websites that bring together influencers and sellers of Amazon. By giving Amazon sellers access to influencers, they’re able to get reviews for their products. 

Now, setting up an account isn’t that difficult as you will only need to submit your Facebook and Amazon accounts links (to avoid scammers).

And it’s worth every second spent because you get the access to great valuable products for free. You purchase the product you’re interested it directly on Amazon and place a review, then the seller refunds the amount of your purchase to your PayPal in a timely manner. 

AlsuDeals.com is the fastest way to get discounted products

Another great way to get almost-free products is by heading to alsudeals.com. There you will be amazed to see a plenty of hugely discounted Amazon products. Not many people know about this site yet and this is truly a treasure in the mists of all other mediocre platforms. 

You can get discounts as high as 90% on this website. Shocking, right? And the best thing is that you don’t even need to undergo a process of reviewing the purchased product. You don’t even need to create an account there. No requirements except for lust to save money lol. 

If you’re looking for cheap buys, then this should be your go-to place. While it may not offer you free products entirely, but you will still get a massive discount on almost every product category. Imagine paying only a few dollars for something that costs hundreds. And the catalog is updated daily!

Becoming an Amazon Pro reviewer

You can get many free products by reviewing as Amazon Pro reviewer, but there’s a catch to it – you also need to have a great YouTube channel or any other blog with a high amount of followers. Otherwise, you might not be able to get compile with the requirements.

To have a successful YouTube channel or a large blog, you will need to take some time and efforts. But once you do this, things will open up for you in many good ways. 

In case you’re already established with a popular social account, then the process becomes easy. You get access to many free products and all you have to do is review them.

This method might take longer to fulfil as you’ll need to become an influencer of some sort, but you will find it extremely beneficial when it comes to receiving a multitude of free products for pro reviews. 

As a vine reviewer

Amazon has been practicing this method for a while now. Popular and well-established Vine Voices are selected to review products for Amazon sellers, thus they are given free products in the process. These people are chosen based on their Amazon profiles popularity and reviewing activity, and only when they have the needed percentage, they are onboard.

Anything that you post as a vine reviewer should be authentic and must be in line with the relative guidelines. If anything’s misrepresented in any way, then things will get difficult for the reviewer. While positive reviews aren’t essential, there’s a focus on them being authentic and complete. 

Free goods that can easily be attained on Amazon

While the other processes might take some time on your side to get free Amazon products flowing to you, you’ll also find many free features on Amazon in other ways. This includes Kindle eBooks, sample box programs, digital albums, free cloud storage, free apps, audiobooks, and the Amazon Prime free trial. 

Some of these options depend on whether or not you have an Amazon Prime account, but majorly you will be able to find these hidden gems along with the search for free products. The Kindle eBooks, digital albums, apps, and audiobooks are easier free finds at Amazon, so always keep a lookout for them. 

All in all, you can easily begin the process of attaining free goods from Amazon. And if you’re determined, you can surely maximize this by using any or all of the methods mentioned in the article.

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