How to become an Amazon selected reviewer and start getting free products?

Ever dreamed of getting free products? Christmas in July, or better say, Christmas all year long! What you need to do is clime up the Amazon reviewers ranking ladder. In 2020, it gets harder as more and more customers join and actively use Amazon. But we’ve prepared five exclusive tips on how to do that  and become an Amazon selected reviewer:

1. Fill in your Amazon profile properly, name, avatar, contacts etc.

2. Write long, meaningful reviews for every purchased product. It will help you to get many helpful votes, which are important for your ranking.

3. Be an Amazon Prime member. More products, faster shipping, quicker reviews.

4. Create and maintain your own social media account where you share your feedback on different products, good and bad (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)

5. Try to concentrate your purchases within one or two selected departments, like home goods or electronics.

High Amazon ranking opens many opportunities for you. You can join Amazon Vine members and receive tons of pre-release products in exchange for an honest review. Amazon influencer members also earn from qualified purchases. Both programs are legit and great for any freebies lover!

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