Best ways to earn extra cash in 2020 during the coronavirus

Staying home most of the time, we have spent many days and nights searching for working ways to earn extra money and help our families and friends during this difficult situation.

The one solid way is to sell product on Facebook market. But what do I sell and how do I earn on that? The beauty of this method is that you get the products for free in a perfect new conditions, straight from Amazon, and then sell them, lets say, for 70-80% the original price easy and fast. Sounds good, but how do you get the free products? All you need to have is an active Amazon and PayPal account and a few minutes of your time. At they refund the full order back to your PayPal after you post an Amazon review on the product. Then you just take those things and sell them at Facebook Market, OfferUp or craigslist. With the average price of the products presented at around 50$, you would need to order one product a day and write one review a day accordingly to be able to earn over 1000$ by the end of the month. Not bad, considering that you only spend around 10 minutes of your time a day. In the past few months, all my friends and relatives earned some good cash and traveled to Las-Vegas for a nice weekend party!

Please follow our special tips for fast selling on Facebook Market:

1. Post 3 pictures of the product: a pretty one from Amazon, the real product photo you have, and the price from Amazon.

2. Drop the price at around 25% cheaper so you can have some room for discount negotiations.

3. Always check incoming messages and answer fast.

4. If the buyer did not reply, send a follow-up message the next day and mention that the product is brand new, unused and unpacked.

5. Be friendly and nice to potential buyers.

6. Do not destroy the original packaging (people love to buy well-packed new products)

7. If for some reason you could not sell it in a week, do not hesitate to renew the add in 7 days for free.

Good luck!

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