Privacy and Policies

Your privacy is very important to AlsuDeals. We do not:

  • Spam you.
  • Sell or give your information to entities not under our control or where we can’t verify their compliance.
  • Take any actions on your social profiles (or any other third-party service) without your explicit permission.
  • Comply with voluntary government requests.

You may use most of AlsuDeals services without providing any information beyond the basic things collected while browsing the web, such as your IP address. When you elect to, AlsuDeals collects personal information (emails) solely for delivering our services to you. Such info is stored securely and generally not accessible to anyone outside of AlsuDeals.

Cookies are used for industry-standard practices across our services.

We make every effort to comply with all U.S. privacy laws.

As of April 2020, AlsuDeals has not received any government subpoenas.

By using this website or any materials we create, you agree that:

  • Any information provided is not meant to be definitive or to replace more-qualified sources. When in doubt, treat it as “infotainment.”
  • You will not hold AlsuDeals or anyone associated with it responsible for your own decisions and circumstances.
  • You understand that advice you see here is not perfect — even though we always do our best to be the most accurate content around.
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